Hey, I'm Amber

Welcome to the ladyboss nomad!

Connect with me here

Connect with me here


Hey, I’m Amber and welcome to the ladyboss nomad! I’m so excited you’re here. It means you’re ready to build and grow an awesome online digital business and I’m here to guide you along your journey.

I’ll share my expertise, useful tips, the tools I use in my own biz and helpful resources to get you started.

I’m a creative at heart, run a service based bookkeeping business and have run my own bricks and mortar greeting card business on etsy. I’m a smart savvy business owner with a creative edge. I can help you with your product creation through to launch, list building and marketing your new products.

It doesn't need to be complicated

Starting a biz can be a fun and simple process when done the right way. It’s truly rewarding to see the end result.

I can’t wait to hear more about your business and ideas for product creation. I’m here to provide the support and inspiration you need and welcome you to email me with any creative thoughts or business question you may have.

Connect with me here

Connect with me here

My focus is on

Delivering great eCourses to you

eMail business coaching to assist you in building a location independent business

Where can you find my eCourses?

Right here on my Gumroad Shop

I’m cooking up some terrific resources which you’ll be privy to by following me on Gumroad and if you’re ready to dive in by starting your own Gumroad shop complete with digital products be sure to check out my Digital Biz eCourse.

The business bundle is here

Right now you can score yourself a great deal on my digital biz eCourse while getting a bundle of goodies from smart business owners. I’m participating in Angela Wills (business coach) laptop lifestyle business bundle. The cost to you is only $27.00 and you’ll not only get my eCourse but, a stack of other resources such as canva templates and a branding board workshop. To take advantage of this great bundle offer…

Training includes sections on:

  1. How to plan
  2. How to set up
  3. Creating a great product
  4.  Implementing your marketing

Marketer Napoleon Hill once said,“If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.”

About the digital biz ecourse

In this eCourse training I’ll show you how you can create your very own online store in a few simple steps.

You get the steps you need to setup shop using the popular online ecommerce platform Gumroad. This is a great choice as it gives you access to a wide range of tools to make selling your digital products super easy.

So let’s get busy designing something truly unique and personal to you! Build a business and brand that suits your style.

Thanks for popping by to check out the Lady Boss Nomad.