Let’s Talk Features and Benefits of Your First Product

Today is all about preparing to put together the sales page. For many new info-product sellers, the big hurdle is to make the offer and put the product up for sale. If that’s one of the reasons why your first product isn’t up for sale yet, I have you covered. If you could use a little extra nudge to get the sales page put together and add a buy button, this blog post is for you. It will also make crafting future sales messages easier and hopefully more effective.

Before you can start to craft a good sales message and call to action, you have to know two things. Who is your product for and how will they benefit from it? Once you know those two things, and ideally have a list of your product’s features and benefits, the sales message will almost write itself.

Take a look at your finished product with fresh eyes. Read through it with a notepad on hand, or a text document open. As you go through the content, make note of what the product does. What material does it cover, what does it teach? These are the features of your product, and it’s the first piece of information you need.

Let’s say your info product is about container gardening. Features of the eBook may include things like choosing the right materials to build a raised garden bed, what soil to use, what to plant, and where to best position the container garden. These are all features of the product.

Features are great, but they don’t successfully market a product. Benefits, on the other hand, sell. To find the benefits, start by looking at the features and the overall theme of your eBook. Next, contemplate what your readers and customers get out of it. How will they benefit from the information you share?

Going back to the previous example, some of the benefits may include things like growing your own organic vegetables, having a higher yield of produce, less weeding, and making gardening more comfortable. It could also include being able to garden with little space or growing a few tomatoes, cucumbers, and strawberry plants on a patio.

The key to figuring out the benefits is to think about your customers and what they want to get out of your product. Once you have a short list of those benefits, your sales page will almost write itself. But that’s a topic for another day. Stay tuned!