Pick a Product & Get it Download Ready

Before you can put your first product up for sale, you have to get it download ready. Chances are, you already have a few products that are almost ready to publish. If you don’t, find something quick and easy to put together. For example, you could turn ten to twenty of your most helpful blog posts on a topic into an ebook, or you can start with a PLR eBook that you just need to edit and tweak to work for your market and target audience.

Over the course of the next five days, we’ll get the product up and selling. Today, you’re going to pick a product and get it ready to be downloaded. The first part of this process is of course to pick the product you want to get up and selling first. Here are a few things you should consider when picking this product.

Make it Easy on Yourself

Think about what’s easy to finish. What is almost ready? What excites you the most? There are a few new things to learn when it comes to actually getting that first product up for sale. You want to spend your time and energy on learning these new tasks and getting them done, not on writing something new from scratch.

This is also why I suggest that you stick with a downloadable PDF for this first product. It’s one of the easiest products to put together and get ready for download. Look for something you can finish up quickly. You want to be able to move on to the next set of tasks within a day or two. Start with something that’s almost done and keep it short. You can get it download ready by the end of the day.

Make it Easy to Sell

I have news for you. Tomorrow we start to work on copywriting, which in essence means getting ready to sell the info product. Make it easy on yourself and increase your chances of success by choosing a product that you know your audience wants. Think about the kinds of questions you receive frequently. Consider anything they have asked for specifically. Chances are, this is something you’re already working on. Pick up that product and get ready to finish it up.

Make it Easy to Come Out with Product Number 2

Last but not least, it can be helpful to choose something that makes it easy to come up with the next paid product. While this is usually the least of my considerations, it can help you get in the habit of publishing info products regularly. What will your customers need after they buy this first product?

Got that product picked out? Great. Take a close look at it and make sure it’s ready for publication. Give it a final edit and proofread. For the purpose of this series of blog posts, I’m going to assume that you’re creating an eBook or short report that can be downloaded as a PDF.

Once you’re happy with the final text document, convert it into a pdf file. You now have something that’s ready to sell and deliver to your customers. Congratulate yourself on a job well done and get ready for tomorrow, when we do some of the leg work that will make writing the sales page quick and easy.