Put Up a Buy Button and a Download Page

Let’s keep it super simple. The bare minimum you need to start making money from your info product is a buy button and a download page (and of course the product itself). It’s no more complicated than that. Yes, there’s a lot you can do with shopping carts, funnels, upsells, downsells, and the likes. But that’s for another day. You won’t be able to build out your product funnel unless you get that very first product up and selling.

For now, let’s focus on that first buy button. How will you start taking money from people who want to buy from you online? Your options are to use a shopping cart, a third party payment platform (like JVZoo or Clickbank for example), or to keep it super simple and use a PayPal buy button. To keep this post as simple as possible, I’m assuming you’re going with the PayPal Option. Almost everyone these days has a PayPal account and if you’re running an online business, I’m fairly certain you have one as well. If you don’t, stop reading and go sign up.

If you currently have a personal PayPal account, you need to upgrade to the business version. It’s quick and easy and something you should be doing if you’re using PayPal in your business. Now may also be a good time to set up a dedicated business account, if you are also using PayPal for personal transactions. Once you have the business account set up, creating that first buy button is quick and easy. PayPal has an extensive tutorial including a step-by-step video that can be found here:

Following the instructions above, set up the buy button for your first product. During that process, you will have to set a price for said product. Keep it simple and keep it low. In most markets, a price tag of $7 to $17 for a first product is a good start. The goal for this first product is to simply start making sales and building that list of paying customers. Don’t get too hung up on how profitable it will be. Pick a number, keep it low so it’s easy to start making sales, and move on. Get that button code and add it to your sales page.

In the process of setting up the buy button, you need to indicate where you want to redirect your customers to pick up their product. In short, you need a download page. Create a simple page that thanks them for their purchase and give them the link to the PDF file. If you’re using Wordpress, you can easily create a page that doesn’t show up in the website menu and then upload the ebook file through your media section. Publish your page, add the link to it when you create your PayPal button, and you’re ready to test the process.

Unfortunately, you can’t buy your own product with the same PayPal account. Use your personal PayPal account to make the test purchase, or ask a friend or family member to try it. If possible, watch them go through the process so you can detect any errors and make changes as needed. If everything is working as expected, you’re ready to start making your first real sales.