Start Driving Traffic to Your Offer

Your sales page is up, your buy button is working, and your product is ready for download. In other words, you’re ready to start making sales. Before that can happen, you have to start driving traffic to your offer. That’s what we’ll discuss today. Below, you will find three simple ways to drive visitors to your brand-new sales page and start making those all-important first sales.

Link to it From Your Blog or Website

You’ve put some time and effort into growing your blog readership. Time to put that to good use and let them know about your new product. Write a blog post about it announcing the launch. From there, think about where it makes sense to promote the product on the blog going forward. Mention it in your side bar and include a graphic or at the very least a link in your main menu. Go find a few pages and blog posts that get regular traffic and add a call to action when and where it makes sense.

Don’t expect a slew of sales from this effort. Instead, it will create a nice little trickle of them over time. You put the work in now and reap the rewards in the coming months. Think of the links on your site as a reminder for people to buy after they’ve been introduced to it in your blog post and the other methods we’re about to discuss.

Post About it on Social Media

Next it’s time to make use of all those social media connections you’ve been making. Start with a list of the various platform you’re active on. This will include things like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, and more. Come up with a few posts for each platform and start posting away. Create some attractive images for Pinterest and Instagram. Record a short video introducing the product for YouTube. Link to the blog post you wrote earlier from Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Start to cross promote (an Instagram post about your YouTube video for example) and encourage your friends and followers to like and share. Start spreading the word on social media and then encourage your current circle of influence to help spread the word for you.

Email Your List

By far the most effective way to do your initial promotion is through email. No matter what you’ve heard, email marketing isn’t dead and if you’re already emailing your list regularly, it is the most effective way to launch your product and get those initial sales. Sit down and write an email for your readers right now. Why do they need this product? What will they get out of this? Focus on the benefits for consumers in the email.

Don’t stop at just one email. How else can you work it into future emails? Mention it in passing or in a P.S. for the next few weeks. Another good option is to answer some questions you’re receiving about your product in a follow up email. If one person has the question, chances are good that others do as well. Keep emailing about your product regularly going forward and the sales will continue to come in. As your list grows, the amount of orders will grow right along with it.

From there, the sky is the limit. Explore other marketing options like recruiting affiliates, paid advertising, and the likes. Invest a portion of your profits into marketing, set aside some time to create your next product, and you’ll be well on your way to grow your info product income.